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About Us

In our restaurant we try to make our guests feel comfortable. Since every guest is a nice visitor for us, we place great emphasis on leaving a satisfied and feeling a pleasant time spent sitting for good food and drink and having a good time to come back. We believe that to all who choose to visit our pizzeria, we have a lot to offer from a wide selection of dishes mostly Italian cuisine, but we have prepared several specialties in our constant offer, including delicious fish dishes, a large selection of fresh salads and desserts, and last but not least, a special offer at discounted prices.

On weekdays from Monday to Friday, the daily menu is available at a very attractive price.

Good food, of course, is good drink and therefore we offer our guests a very wide selection of drinks. Especially delicious domestic and foreign wines, as well as mixed drinks, good beer and, of course, non-alcoholic beverages.

For special occasions, such as private or corporate celebrations, we are ready to provide our guests with the environment and services to suit their needs

We rejoice in the satisfaction of our guests and try to learn from the shortcomings.

Visit us, your visit will be delighted and honored.

Important informations

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Our restaurant boasts a HACCP certification